Pro-fix™ Membrane Screw PFMF-20 (20 Pack)

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Brand: Osteogenics Biomedical
Product Code: PFMF-20
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  • Self-drilling screws do not require a pilot hole
  • 1.5 mm x 3.0 mm size is designed specifically for securing dental membranes and mesh
  • Titanium alloy is biocompatible
  • Aggressive tip and thread design engages bone and allows for precise placement without the use of a pilot hole - even in cortical bone
  • Cruciform head design makes screw pickup easy
  • Biocompatible titanium alloy

Download Membrane Fixation Screw Product Information [PDF 636.19 KB]

Pro-fix™ membrane fixation screws are designed as an attractive alternative to using tacks for dental membrane stabilization. The Pro-fix™ driver blade provides excellent screw stability, and the self-drilling design of the screw allows easy penetration through cortical bone without the use of a mallet or the need for drilling pilot holes. Easy pick-up, solid stability of the screw during transfer to the surgical site, and easy placement make dental membrane fixation fast and easy for the surgeon.

Pro-fix™ Screws
Size 1.5 mm x 3.0 mm
Quantity 20 Screws
Product Code PFMF-20