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12 mm Bone Fixation Screw - PFB12



  • Fine pitched threads give the screw greater clamping force while using less driver torque
  • Bone fixation screws are available in 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, and 14 mm lengths
  • Head design allows screw to be screwed down flush to bone surface leaving no gap between the screw's head and the bone

Download Bone Fixation Screw Product Information

Pro-fix™ Bone Fixation Screws are designed with finer pitched, self-tapping threads that give the screws greater clamping force while using less driver torque. The screws' threads are equipped with a cutting flute that allows for easier insertion into harder bone. The screws are placed into a 1.2 mm pre-drilled pilot hole.


Size: 1.5 mm x 12.0 mm (12.0 mm total length)
Product Code: PFB12
Quantity: 1 Screw