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Cytoplast Osteo-Mesh TM-300 (45x45)

SKU TM4545
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  • Non-stick nitride coating
  • Unused portions can be re-sterilized by autoclave
  • Porosity of 300 microns contains most graft particles
  • Strong titanium construction allows for space-maintenance
  • Highly inert nitride coating aids in tissue release upon removal
  • Unused portions can be re-sterilized

Download Osteo-Mesh™ TM-300 Product Information [PDF 105.46 KB]

Osteo-Mesh™ TM-300 is designed for ridge augmentation procedures where additional space-maintenance is necessary. The mesh can be trimmed to fit a variety of defects, but it must be secured with tacks or screws. Unused portions of the product can be re-sterilized by autoclave to prevent waste.

Osteo-Mesh™ TM-300 is unique from most regenerative mesh products because of its Ti nitride coating. Ti nitride coating is a high-density, non-stick coating with no pores to hold contaminants; it will not stain or corrode, it withstands high temperatures and it has outstanding wear resistance.


Products Code: TM4545
Size: 45mm x 45mm
Qty Per Box: 1/Pouch