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DentaKOTE™ – Anti-Microbial Polymer

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DentaKOTE™ prevents biofilms from adhering to all dental surfaces

DentaKOTE™ prevents plaque & bacteria from adhering to teeth, dentures & prostheses. It resists acids, sticking foods, and microbiota. This revolutionary polymer is here to help make restorations last longer by decreasing the tenacity of the adhesion of these bacterial byproducts. In doing so, the patients’ health is improved, because less bacterial deposits means less plaque buildup, gingival problems, and less bone loss. DentaKOTE™ is a patented polymer that is safe to use intra orally, bio compatible, and very easy to apply. Patients will benefit, the practice will benefit, and the recurring inflammatory issues will be a thing of the of the past.

  • Soothes irritated gums
  • Reduces the colonization of microbiota
  • Helps prevent dental/gum diseases
  • Reduces plaque formation
  • Immediate and exceptional bonding
  • Extremely durable
  • Protects teeth, prostheses, and oral mucosa
  • Fast and easy application
  • Odorless tasteless

Minimizing the Effects of Biofilm with DentaKote

  • Comes as box of 10 pre-loaded vials
  • When applied properly will coat two complete dentures, or hybrid restorations.
  • Advanced Biopolymer developed by a dentist and is double patented.
  • Bonds instantly to hard surfaces in the oral cavity and to dental appliances.
  • This revolutionary polymer coating blocks toxins and bacterial deposits on teeth or prosthetic appliances
  • DentaKote is a polymer coating for all prosthetic appliances.
  • It is a unique concept in preventing biofilms from adhering to all dental surfaces.
  • It is safe for implants and natural teeth.
  • When applied, the polymer forms a strong bond to a substrate or dental appliance.
  • The exposed side provides a hydrophobic surface that resists the bacteria and debris.
  • This will last from six months to one year depending on each individual case, before reapplication is needed.
  • It is FDA accepted for all dental uses.
  • It could effectively reduce remakes and reduce the likelihood of implant failures.
  • It could help restorations last longer.
  • It can make hygiene easier for the patient.
  • Significant odor reduction

Application Method

  • DentaKOTE™ comes in a preloaded swab.
  • When applied properly will coat two complete dentures, or hybrid restorations
  • It is easily and quickly applied by hand and bonds instantly to any dental surface
  • It is clear, odorless, tasteless, and only a micron thick.


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