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PGA Resorba Absorbable Multifilament Suture (OD03500)

SKU OD03500
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  • PGA (polyglycolic acid)
  • Special resolactone coating reduces soft tissue drag
  • Maintains 50% tensile strength for up to 21 days
  • USP 5/0, Violet, HR17 Needle, 12/box
  • USP 5/0 violet suture with a 17 mm 1/2 circle round-bodied needle
  • Suture Length: 45 cm

Download PGA Resorba™ Absorbable Multifilament Suture Product Information

PGA Resorba™ is an absorbable suture made of precision-braided filaments of polyglycolic acid coated with a special resolactone coating to reduce surface friction when passing through tissue. The composition of PGA Resorba™ ensures predictable and moderately rapid resorption in tissue. PGA Resorba™ maintains 50% tensile strength for up to 21 days*. *In Vivo data on file