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Pro-fix 5 mm Tenting Screw PFT5-5 (5 Pack)

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Product Note

5.0 mm polished neck + 4.0 mm threaded portion = 9 mm total length


  • 4 mm polished neck
  • Broad 3.5 mm head helps prevent membrane perforation or tearing
  • Self-drilling screws do not require a pilot hole
  • Titanium alloy is biocompatible
  • Aggressive tip and thread design engages bone and allows for precise placement without the use of a pilot hole - even in cortical bone
  • Tenting screws are available with a 3 mm, 4mm, or 5 mm polished neck for precise space maintenance
  • 3.5 mm diameter head provides broad surface area to help prevent membrane perforation or tearing
  • Cruciform head design makes screw pickup easy
  • Biocompatible titanium alloy

Download Tenting Screw Product Information

Pro-fix™ Tenting Screws are designed with a self-drilling tip, polished neck, and broader head to maintain space under resorbable and non-resorbable membranes in horizontal and vertical bone regeneration procedures.


Size: 1.5 mm x 5.0 mm (9.0 mm total length)
Product Code: PFT5-5
Quantity: 5 Screws