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Resolon Twist Non-Absorbable Pseudo-Monofilament Suture (OD12201)

SKU OD12201
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  • Braided nylon fibers covered with a nylon sheath
  • Nylon sheath reduces soft tissue drag
  • USP 4/0, Undyed (white), DSM18 Needle, 12 pack
  • USP 4/0 undyed (white) suture with an 18 mm 3/8 circle premium reverse cutting cutting needle

Download Resolon Twist™ Non-Absorbable Pseudo-Monofilament Suture Product Information

Resolon Twist™ is a pseudo-monofilament made of braided nylon fibers that are covered with a nylon sheath. The pseudo-monofilament design offers clinicians a non-absorbable suture that handles similarly to a multifilament suture, but has the advantage of reduced drag when being pulled through soft tissue.