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Safescraper® TWIST - Curved Version 3/package

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  • Quickly harvest safe, osteogenic autogenous bone
  • Sharp, semi-circular blade
  • Manually harvest autogenous bone while preserving cell vitality
  • Ergonomic design
  • Disposable
  • 2.5 cc transparent collection chamber
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Download Safescraper Twist Instructions for Use

The Safescraper® Twist cortical bone collector uses the latest technology in bone scrapers to atraumatically harvest vital bone in large or small amounts, even in areas with limited access. The device's 160 degree semicircular blade allows clinicians to harvest bone from any surface - flat, concave or convex. By using the Safescraper® Twist, clinicians preserve the graft's cell vitality that can be compromised with other harvesting techniques that mill, grind or potentially overheat bone.

The curled bone shavings harvested with the scraper have a mean length of 1.3 mm and have the porosity and low density to allow angiogenesis. Because the bone is collected with coagulated blood, it displays a high biological plasticity shortly after it is harvested. This makes the graft extremely easy to handle and mold. The ergonomic design of the Safescraper® Twist allows clinicians the ability to easily harvest bone from intraoral sites with a minimally invasive approach. The sterile, disposable scraper makes providing your patients with mineralized cortical bone easier then ever before.