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Vitala® Collagen Membrane (15 x 20 mm)

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Porcine Pericardium Collagen Membrane

  • Vitala® is naturally derived, eliminating the need for cross-linking chemicals and agents
  • Designed to resist tearing during placement, Vitala® is naturally strong
  • The natural collagen structure provides a unique combination of supple handling and ideal defect adaptability
  • Supple handling and ideal defect adaptability
  • Either side of the membrane may be placed against the defect
  • Designed to resist tearing during placement
  • Substantially resorbs within 26 weeks

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Vitala® porcine pericardium collagen membrane is often preferred for its advanced handling characteristics, including pliability, drapability, and defect adaptability. Vitala® essentially has no memory once hydrated, so it is well suited for a variety of defects and defect morphology. Because both sides are smooth, either side may be placed against the defect.

Vitala® is a naturally sourced membrane manufactured using a proprietary process designed to maintain a microporous, 3-layered tissue architecture. Vitala® is a natural porcine-derived collagen membrane, so cross-linking chemicals and agents are unnecessary. The natural 3-layered architecture provides for a membrane with a high tensile strength.