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W-Bone™ Xenograft Bovine Bone Powder .25-1.0mm [.5cc]

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For Clinicians, By Clinicians

W-Bone™ Xenograft is the result of a multidisciplinary collaboration between Professors from the University of Liège, Chemists, Biomedical Engineers and Clinical Experts in dental tissue engineering. Their objective was to define a process that guaranteed absolute safety while preserving the rough surface topography and natural surface chemistry.
  • Wishbone HA materials are higly hydrophilic
  • Wishbone HA biomaterials are similar to human bone structure and have micro and macro porosities
  • Each particle is perfecty white
  • Each particle present an optimized surface topography that is highly osteoconductive
  • Wishbone material is totally biocompatible as proven by in vivo studies
  • The particles present a high resistance to ease their manipulation and placement into the surgical
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