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Cytoflex® Titanium Mesh M4-400 (25mm x 30mm) - 1/Box

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For reconstruction of alveolar ridge and peridontal defects

  • Ultra-thin, pure Titanium mesh
  • Easily conforms to tissue contours
  • Compatible with bone tacks & bone screws

Cytoflex® Mesh is made of a pure, implantable Titanium mesh with precision mesh profile. This product is designed for use to ensure three-dimensional reconstruction of alveolar bone defects and to facilitate bone augmentation through adequate fixation of the augmentation material. The thin, supple mesh conforms easily to tissue contours, and yet presents sufficient stiffness to maintain a space over the bony defect.


  • Reconstruction of the alveolar ridge
  • Reconstruction of extraction sites
  • GBR treatment of periodontal or peri-implant defects

Cytoflex Mesh® Product Flyer (PDF File)

Cytoflex Mesh® Case Review


Size: 25mm x 30mm
Qty Per Box: 1/Box
Product Code: C02-4401


Cytoflex® Mesh is available in single quantities. They are provided double pouched and sterile.

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