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The 100% Allograft Plug is here! Click for Details.
The 100% Allograft Plug is here! Click for Details.

Oral Bond™ Sterile Adhesive

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Oral Bond™ is a sterile oral adhesive used for sealing incision lines and securing sutures.  Its' hallmark application is in the novel "Sutureless Socket Membrane" surgical technique, which has transformed the way clinicians approach their grafting cases.  By securing the grafting site with Oral Bond™ rather than sutures, the clinician benefits greatly by the reduction in chair time as well as the reduction in pain and morbidity for the patient. The set time of the adhesive is such that the process allows for lower heat generation and allows for tissue manupulation when bypassing suturing.  The adhesive texture is somooth and fexible to prevent tissue abrasion. A 6ml vial with 24 dispensing angled pipettes offer ease of application. Keep frozen to maintain thickness of material. Disposable dappen dishes are included into which you may dispense the material.

Sutureless Socket Membranes

In an effort to better understand single tooth implant replacement and gingival esthetics, we evaluated a number of variables that can affect gingival esthetics. The one surprising negative influencer was suturing.

Suturing is a necessary evil to properly close and secure a surgical wound. We have presented a case that demonstrates how you can streamline your surgeries by using an adhesive to secure your membranes and produce additional gingival tissues rather than recession using this remarkable dental adhesive.

To see the full case, click on the following link: Sutureless Technique

Beneficial Attributes of Oral Bond™

1. Slower set time allows for lower heat generation which is kinder to the tissue.

2. Slower set time prevents stringing causing sharp spikes when moisture is encountered.

3. Yellow in color allows for better visibility without looking like a bruise.

4. Sets smooth and flexible to prevent tissue abrasion.

5. User friendly delivery system via a syringe with a curved dispensing tip for hard to reach areas.

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