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Dr. Choukroun PRF Box

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This design is unlike any other PRF box on the market. The special plate thickness and weight of the PFR press allows your membranes to always be hydrated and display uniform thickness, but also allows you to recover exsudate rich in proteins: Vitronectin and Fibronectin. This design also allows you to create PRF " Plugs.

This system is easy to use and gives you predictable results time and time again

The PRF box was designed to press PRF clots into both plugs and membranes. The addition of a membrane tray allows the MK2 to create plasma membranes using the tray as a mold. Many unique design features allow for the creation of a variety of PRF biologics which can be implemented depending on application. The creation of these biologics is outlined below.

A-PRF Membrane Creation

To create PRF membranes, simply place the prepared fibrin clots inside of the PRF box and place the membrane tray on top of the clots. The force of the membrane tray pushing on the clots will flatten them and create fibrin membranes. These membranes can be used in a variety of applications and can often replace collagen products.

A-PRF Plug Creation

To create PRF plugs, simply place the prepared fibrin clots inside of the cylindrical tube molds within the PRF box and place the piston on top of the clots. The pressure created by the piston will form the fibrin clots into cylindrical plugs that can be used inside of an extraction site.

Sticky Bone Membrane Creation

To create I-PRF Sticky Bone membranes place grafting material into the membrane tray to begin the process. After the grafting material is placed, a syringe can be used to fill the compartments of the membrane tray with I-PRF liquid. The liquid PRF will solidify and create a rectangular plasma membrane impregnated with grafting material. This membrane can be used in a variety of applications and makes placing bone graft easy and predictable.

Don't be fooled by competitors, this is the only PRF Box Designed by Dr. Joseph Choukroun: The inventor of PRF Technology

Dr. Choukroun's Process for PRF Membrane Demonstration

Process for PRF Plug Demonstration

How to make PFR membranes

Process for PRF Grafting Preparation

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