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The 100% Allograft Plug is here! Click for Details.
The 100% Allograft Plug is here! Click for Details.

OsseoConduct Macro Granules 1.0-2.0mm [1.0cc] - 5/Pack

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Standard Granule size: 1000-2000 microns

Packet volume: 1.0 cc Each order contains 5 packets.

OsseoConduct™ TCP is a synthetic, micro-porous, biocompatible beta tricalcium bone grafting material intended for use as a general bone grafting material. OsseoConduct™ granules maintain graft site volume and are resorbed and replaced with normal bone in 4-6 months.

Unlike its predecessors, this 3rd generation TCP contains micro-pores rather than macro-pores. Recent studies concluded that macro-pores allowed for bacteria to become entrapped, causing bacterial colonization resulting in graft failure. As a matrix for cell adhesion and proliferation in combination with cell mediated resorption, OsseoConduct™ produces normal bone in a short time period.

As a clinician driven company, STEINERBIO developed OsseoConduct™ to meet the following criteria:

  • Not elicit an inflammatory response
  • Have no potential for disease transmission
  • Maintain volume as it is being resorbed and new bone is formed
  • Produce bone with normal form and function
  • Be significantly resorbed in 3 months
  • Be able to handle reasonable load in order to resist deformation during the remodeling phase
  • Be cost effective for the patient and practitioner
  • Allow ease of application
  • Be designed to prevent bacterial colonization
  • Systemic antibiotics after grafting with precise post op patient instructions is strongly recommended.

Studies Confirm TCP Is Equal To Or Better than Both Autografts & Allografts

“Modern beta tricalcium phosphate bone grafts perform as well or better than allografts or autografts. The negatives of autograft morbidity and cadaver harvesting makes high performing TCP a superior choice.”
Int J Oral Maxillofac Surg. 2017 Apr

STEINERBIO claims that if these are not the best performing bone grafts you have used, your purchase will be refunded.

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