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PRF Online Course. Platelet Rich Fibrin. English Language

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Online Choukroun PRF Courses

This course is offered free with the purchase of centrifuge or any Choukroun PRF system (Call 888-590-9001 to redeem)

Dr. Choukrouns PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) protocols innovate beyond standard centrifuge protocols to offer new solutions for autologous membranes, injectable materials, and sticky bone. Clinicians seeking to better understand the advanced protocols can take online Choukroun PRF courses through Dental Implant Technologies.

An advanced PRF education aids clinicians and technicians in understanding PRF dental procedures, the benefits, applications, and the technical aspects of creating 100% autologous solutions for restorative and regenerative surgeries.

Understand the Application of PRF Protocols with an Advanced PRF Education
An online PRF education will provide dental clinicians and medical professionals from any field with a complete understanding of the applications of the Choukroun PRF protocols.

PRF protocols are used in a variety of procedures. Advanced PRF education covers the use of PRF dental for:

  • Oral surgery including implantology, sinus lifts, soft tissue surgery, socket preservation, and bone grafts.
  • Orthopedic procedures.
  • Regenerative medicine.
  • Dental esthetics.
  • Dermatology.
PRF dental protocols are unique and provide advantages that go beyond traditional centrifuge protocols. Dr. Choukroun’s PRF protocols are best understood and their benefits unlocked with an advanced PRF education. Enroll for PRF Courses with Dental Implant Technologies today.

Choukroun PRF Dental Protocols Have Evolved
Even clinicians who have previously taken Choukroun PRF courses will find benefits with our latest online advanced PRF education. In vivo tests have shown that the newer PRF protocols, including A-PRF, offer faster vascularization when compared to the older L-PRF protocol. There are now six unique PRF dental protocols available to technicians for a variety of applications.
  • A-PRF (Advanced Platelet Rich Fibrin) is a Choukroun PRF protocol designed to form fibrin clots and membranes.
  • i-PRF (Injectable Platelet Rich Fibrin) is a protocol designed for injectable liquids that are rich in platelets, stem cells, and white cells.
  • i-PRFM (Injectable Platelet Rich Fibrin for Male) is designed for males with an increased centrifuge time supported by the increased RBC in male autologous blood.
  • i-PRF+ (Injectable PRF Plus) is an orthopedics and esthetics protocol using the newer Choukroun tubes.
  • L-PRF (Leukocyte Platelet Rich Fibrin) is the older PRF protocol that is compatible with Choukroun PRF devices.
Understanding how and when to use these protocols is essential for any clinician wishing to realize the potential of advanced Choukroun PRF dental methods. With an advanced PRF education, clinicians can choose the best protocols to suit the needs of the patient and the procedure.

Advanced PRF dental protocols can improve patient outcomes by reducing healing times. The use of autologous blood without coagulants reduces the cost of procedures. PRF materials can be produced chairside, dramatically improving clinical workflow.

Learn more with an advanced PRF education through Dental Implant Technologies.

Choukroun PRF Courses Unlock the Full Potential of PRF Dental Protocols

The easiest and most affordable way to gain an advanced PRF education is through online Choukroun PRF courses.

Clinicians have important questions when learning about PRF dental protocols. What is PRF? Is it always effective? What are the latest innovations (like LSCC, PomPac, PomCol, and Sticky Bone), and how does oxidative stress interact with PRF protocols?

The answers to these questions are provided in a comprehensive online course presented by Dr. Joseph Choukroun and Dr. Elisa Choukroun.

PRF accelerates the healing of both hard and soft tissues, as noted in more than 1350 publications. The numerous protocols are under constant development to improve performance and patient outcomes. Specific conditions must be met to ensure the efficacy of PRF dental protocols. Online Choukroun PRF courses allow clinicians to understand the precise rules used to create biological cascades in living cells.

Oxidative stress is an ever-present phenomenon that can inhibit the performance of cells. It affects bone cells and soft tissues. It can cause bone grafts to fail. If oxidative stress is present, PRF materials can fail to perform.

Through the comprehensive PRF course, clinicians learn through examples how healing failures are caused and how to overcome and prevent complications for predictable results. The course is presented with educational modules and Q&A sections to answer all common concerns raised by clinicians.

Dr. Choukroun PRF Course Outline
Online PRF courses are available in English and are presented in eight chapters totaling just under eight hours. The course outline is as follows:
  • Chapter 01 (1hr 8min) – A definition, protocols, and mode of action of PRF.
  • Chapter 02 (53min) – Clinical uses, indications, and clinical effects of PRF.
  • Chapter 03 (43min) – PRF Dental Injectables with Q&A
  • Chapter 04 (45min) – Oxidative Stress and the Biological conditions for wound healing.
  • Chapter 05 (1hr 16min) – Oxidative stress and soft tissue.
  • Chapter 06 (1hr 6min) – Oxidative stress and bone.
  • Chapter 07 (1hr 1min) – Oxidative stress and bone grafts.
  • Chapter 08 (30min) – Conclusion with concept review and oxidative stress Q&A.

Register today for Choukroun PRF courses and unlock the full potential of the most innovative centrifuge protocols for dental clinicians.

Free course with the purchase of centrifuge or any Choukroun PRF system (Call 888-590-9001 to redeem)

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