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TranZgraft® Acellular Dermal Membrane (2cm x 4cm)

SKU ACD.060.0204

For the surgeon who demands the ultimate in safety, biomechanical strength, and structural performance in an acellular collagen matrix.

TranZgraft ACD from Tissue Banks International is an acellular collagen matrix derived from aseptically processing human allograft skin tissue that is terminally sterilized. Utilizing a unique processing method (patent pending), the epidermal layer and cellular elements are removed minimizing the potential for an immunogenicresponse. The resulting acellular collagen matrix has the natural histomorphology preserved.

  • Acellular collagen matrix derived from aseptically processing human allograft skin tissue
  • Tissue is terminally sterilized by a controlled proprietary gamma irradiation dose for a Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10-6, in accordance with ISO standards, while leaving the collagen matrix intact and minimizing tissue damage
  • Compliant with all FDA, AATB and state regulatory requirements for donor screening and testing
  • Superior tensile strength
  • Superior suture retention strength


• Complies with all federal, state and industry requirements for donor screening and testing.
• Proprietary Gamma Precision Dose Sterilization process provides a Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10-6.


The TranZgraft ACD is processed with TBI’s patent pending technology, leaving an acellular dermal matrix intact while removing the epidermis and all viable cellular components from the endogenous collagen matrix. TranZgraft ACD has dissimilar sides of distinct biological properties. The basement membrane from the superficial side resists the formation of adhesions to the host tissue. The dermal side, or deeper side, promotes host tissue vascularization and cellular incorporation. The advantages of this duel-sided material are numerous in various surgical applications.
*Note the similarity between the non-gamma sterilized and the sterilized sections. The cellular elements, typically considered immunogenic, are absent.


Size: 2cm x 4cm
Product Code: ACD.060.0204