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The 100% Allograft Plug is here! Click for Details.
The 100% Allograft Plug is here! Click for Details.

Sinus Graft™ (2/Pack)

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Sinus Graft™ is a dual phase calcium phosphate biocement that comes in a set of syringes holding 2cc of graft material - mixing is required. The set contains 2 paired syringes and one dispensing tip. The Sinus Graft 2-pack includes 2 complete sets.

  • Steiner Sinus Lift: 3mm buccal osteotomy, hydraulically lift the membrane
  • Sinus Bump Technique

This material is designed to hydraulically lift the sinus membrane via a 3mm buccal osteotomy.

Primary indication is injection through a microsurgical osteotomy for hydraulically lifting the sinus membrane for either crestal or lateral lifts. Due to its flow-able and low viscosity characteristics of use, it is not advised to be used with the classic lateral window sinus elevation. For the large classic window elevation, we recommend using the Ridge Graft Kit.

Hydraulically Lifts the Sinus Membrane via a 3mm Buccal Osteotomy

Sinus lift surgery has become more common as patients choose implants for tooth replacement. The unique characteristics of Sinus Graft™ has allowed for refinement of this surgical modality to a degree that allows practitioners to provide a previously unattainable level of care for their patients.

The Steiner Sinus Lift:
The Next Level in Surgical Procedure

In adults, the size of the maxillary sinus often needs to be reduced to permit tooth replacement with dental implants. However, the cost, morbidity, and surgical complexity associated with maxillary bone augmentation has limited the use of this procedure. The Steiner Sinus Lift addresses each of these issues with the intention of making maxillary bone augmentation in the floor of the sinus a simple, non-traumatic procedure within the skill level of all dental practitioners.


Sinus Graft contains SL Factor, an osteogenic compound that stimulates the process of osteogenesis. SL Factor is absorbed through the cell membrane of osteoblasts and communicates with the DNA. The DNA then turns on the process of osteogenesis, stimulating over 300 genes of the cell. This process of bone formation occurs at a very rapid rate creating healthy, vital bone that is functional and adaptable to varying loads. Time of implant placement and restoration is reduced due to this process.

Sinus Graft™ offers ease of application to deliver optimal bone quality with bone to implant integration due to its osteogenic properties. More importantly, our graft material increases implant success rates.

  • Safe
  • Non-allergenic
  • Will not cause an inflammatory reaction
  • Contains absolutely NO human or animal product
  • Poses no risk of disease transmission
  • Completely resorbs
  • Is quickly replaced by the patient's own healthy, normal, vital bone
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